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Why Try EBO?

EBO’s AI-powered technology finds, vets, and books on-air contributors,
experts and influencers for media appearances within minutes.
EBO is the only platform that's loved by
quality talent and the media.

Gain access to our pool of vetted media-ready talent

Browse our list of Vettified™ experts, influencers, and contributors. Our patent-pending scorecard vets & books talent in minutes!

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Got Questions?
Read Our FAQs

Is there a free trial available?

EBO's free trial typically includes access to a limited set of premium features for up to 30 calendar days. During the free trial, you can use the following premium features:

1. Profile modification: Ability to upload, edit, and modify your profile.

2. Advanced search: Access to more filters and results when searching for experts.

3. For experts: View newsfeed and the ability to share expert commentary on trending news.

4. For stations: Search and see expert profiles, including full name, expertise, and location.

**Note: Features included in a free trial may vary by region and by time

What is a booking fee?

EBO charges a booking fee to cover the cost of processing a booking. This fee covers the cost of using EBO’s booking system, providing exposure and access, streamlining queries, and other related integrations that ensure bookings are quick, targeted, and inclusive. The amount of the booking fee can vary depending on the news cycle, type of platform, and frequency of booking(s).

What happens if the station cancels my booking?

If a station cancels a booking, here are some common scenarios:

1. Credit: The customer may be entitled to an EBO credit for the booking fee, which will be added to their EBO wallet.

2. Rescheduling: The station may request to reschedule the booking for another date and time, subject to availability of the expert.

3. Rebooking: The expert may be able to apply the booking to a different station, if applicable.

4. Alternative arrangements: EBO may offer alternative arrangements, such as a different booking or a percentage off of an affiliate service (i.e. 10% off media coaching services from an affiliate partner) for the inconvenience.

In general, station cancellations are rare and EBO does not control the nature of how or why a station cancels an expert booking. EBO automatically notifies experts of cancellations and monitors stations booking cancellation frequency for review. Any complaints regarding booking cancellations should be emailed to EBO’s Customer Care.

What if I want to cancel a booking I have already accepted?

If a subject matter expert (SME) needs to cancel a media booking with a station, the following steps should be taken:

1. Change the booking status in EBO immediately: The SME should log into EBO as soon as possible to change the booking status from “ACCEPTED” to “DECLINED”.

2. Provide a clear explanation: The SME should provide a clear and concise explanation in-app of why the cancellation is necessary, being honest and transparent.

3. Offer to reschedule: If possible, the SME should offer in the explanation section a desire to reschedule the booking for another date and time.

It is important to note that the SME should be professional, courteous, and understanding throughout the cancellation process, as their reputation and relationship with the station and EBO may be impacted by the way the cancellation is handled. The SME should also be aware of any potential consequences of canceling, such as account probation, suspension, or non-refundable membership cancellation.

Does EBO allow inetgrations with Google Calendar?

EBO currently allows users to manually enter their availability. Calendly, Google Calendar, Square and other calendar API integration are 2023 integrations that will come as updates in the coming months. Be sure to periodically check your profile notifications for updates.

How do I invite my team members to EBO?

To invite team members to EBO:

1. Log into your EBO workspace.

2. From the profile icon, click on the "Invite Member" button in the right side menu.

3. Enter the email addresses of the team members you want to invite, separated by a comma.

4. Customize the message that will be sent to your team members, if desired.

5. Click "Send Invitations".

Your team members will receive an email with a link to join the EBO workspace. They will need to create an EBO account or sign in to an existing account to accept the invitation.

What is Vettify?

Vettify is EBO's patent-pending talent vetting technology that thoroughly evaluates individuals media readiness. We use custom-built algorithms to ensure talent aligns with the values and objectives of media outlets on our platform.

This process involves identify verification and background checks from our partners at Prembly and use of our custom scorecard that assesses expertise, media readiness, and considers potential reputational issues.

Our mission is to select individuals who enhance credibility while minimizing risks.

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